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18.01.2018. 5:27

Rezekne. The city in the heart of Latgale

(Photo by A. Lebeds)

Rezekne, the city in the heart of Latgale breaks into blossom like a flower in the point of intersection of fields and lakes, unpaved roads and railways. This is how our city looks like from the bird’s eye view: in four sides of heaven blueness of lakes and clouds as well as greenness of woods and fields it stretches like flower’s petals, but in the very middle the little blazing glimmer shines. It is the peak of cross of monument United for Latvia or Latgale’s Māra, like energetically fulfilled and loving heart that is open for all the people who live there, friendly for those who come with the same feeling of trust, affiliation and solidarity.

Rezekne, the centre of Blue Lakes, can be found between two highest hills of Latgale – Hill Mākoņkalns and Hill Lielais Liepu kalns, the largest lakes of Latvia – Rāzna and Lubāns that are connected by River Rēzekne. Among the many verticals of chapels’ steeples and the horizontals of destiny’s lines, our town is like alive and flaming potter’s kiln where not only earthenware hardens but also lifetime of strong people, because Rezekne from ancient times has been the centre of spirituality, culture and education.

Rezekne is like a rainbow felloe that connects the East and the West, it is the city with multifarious possibilities and high development potential. It is the largest border city of European Union that Latvia starts with.

Poetess Anna Rancāne.

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